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More... YPWP sponsors lotto pools for the UK Lotto, UK Thunderball, Euromillions and the Health lotteries "and" you can earn free lottery ticket entries into these lotteries by being involved at the YPWP web site. Turn your points into free entries and this on top of your commissions for any worldwide (132 countries) tickets sales as mentioned above.

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P.S. Here's how you can make sure you build a consistently growing YPWP team fast & easy with worldwide ticket sales (and commissions) for many years to come. After you sign click on the "Affiliate Center" in the top menu, then "Page Links" in the left center menu there. From the "Page Links" page itself choose your preferred promotional link. We recommend the "Affiliate Program" link which will look similar to:

From there on out it's easy... Share it with your friends, family and anyone else (but not spam of course). Then put your link on your web site and blog. Finally be sure to tweet it, post it to your Facebook page and mention it on your Google+ page or any other social networking site you're involved with. Watch it spread like wildfire as people join free, then share it with others so they can join free too. Now you're in the sweet position of earning a whopping 20%, 6% or 4% on all the worldwide sales below you. And it all started with YOU taking that first amazing step of joining for 100% free.

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