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What exactly is Florida Lotto Magic?

Lotto Magic is a referral type of home based business, and you may be familiar with referral types of home-based businesses because they are the most popular in existence today.

Lotto Magic offers you much more then your traditional network marketing company.  But, unlike any other type of home-based business, Lotto Magic offers you the only product or service in the industry that can actually make you rich even if you never refer a single customer or your “product” sits on the shelf and collects dust!

People know what the lottery is.  Not only that, everyone is familiar with the lottery.

Lotto Magic offers you much more then your traditional network marketing company.  There are no exotic products to explain.

No requirements to get paid, straight forward commissions.  Our compensation plan is straight-forward with zero requirements to get paid.

Free lotto magic marketing web site, free advertising tools and proven mlm systems.  Plus, we also offer you tools and systems that do all of the presentation work for you. You do not need to explain this to anyone.

Most people see businesses like this and are reluctant to join because they feel they do not know anyone worthy of presenting the plan to. This is a valid concern, but we have taken the guesswork out of recruiting and have several ways to target new people.

After you join as a Team Captain or a Power Captain, you will receive a 70 plus page book that discusses several systems available. It’s jam packed with information being sold for hundreds to thousands of dollars to people in our industry, but as a Lotto Magic member you get it FREE when you join!

Regardless of how much time or money you have to put into promoting your Lotto Magic home business, there’s something in it for everyone!

You will also instantly have a self-replicating website just like this one that you can send your prospects to. They can watch the Lotto Magic video, learn all about the company and program, and then enroll under you immediately!

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