Florida Lotto Magic is a Lottery pool for members who then share in the ticket winnings in the Florida and Powerball lotteries.

  Win more the lottery than ever before through team lotto pools! Our team playing system allows you to receive 10% of the winning tickets of hundreds of other Florida and Powerball lottery players.  


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Hi, would you be interested in how...

YOU can get 64 GUARANTEED tickets MONTHLY in the Florida and Powerball lotteries through team lotto pools? A lotto pool is where team members "pool" their money together to buy more lottery tickets and it's very similar to how some people at work do it. Everyone puts in money, many (many) lottery tickets are purchased which increase the chances of winning, then after a lottery win the money is split between all those in the lotto pool! That's what Florida Lotto Magic is in a nutshell.

The difference between an "office" pool and a "managed" pool is that unlike at the office you're not placing your trust (and money) into the hands of a co-worker, you're letting the professionals handle all the leg work for you through a safe and secure system. They've been doing this since 1996 and they know what they're doing. Florida Lotto Magic uses computer tracking after the pool member tickets are purchased so "YOUR" lotto number are yours, it's verified and the lotto pool tickets are kept secure and locked in the company safe. From your Lotto Magic back office (free after you join) you can see your actual Florida and Powerball numbers, track numbers drawn, get news on winning team pools and far too much to list here.

Visit Florida Lotto Magic for details on Lottery pools and their home business opportunity.   Lotto Magic purchases tickets for the Florida, Powerball, Mega Millions and Mega Money Lotteries.

Lotto Magic Team Player, Power Player or Mega Player

As a "Team Player" you'll be pooling your tickets with others in the Florida Lottery. As a "Power Player" you and your team will share in the winnings from both the Florida "and" Powerball lotteries, and as a "Mega Player" you'll be pooling lotto tickets for the Florida, Powerball, Mega Millions and the Mega Money lotteries, that's all 4 of the available lotto pools - yep nice! To learn more about being a Player you can go to the main company web site then click on the "Membership Levels" tab at the top of the page. You're all set to play with a group of other lottery players to increase your chances of winning the BIG one!

Lotto Magic Team Captain, Power Captain or Mega Captain




In addition to pooling lotto tickets as a Player above, you can also pool your lottery tickets together "and" either play for free or get paid monthly to play the lottery as a Team Captain, Power Captain or a Mega Captain. Most people know at least two other people that play the lottery. If they're going to buy lottery tickets anyways they might as well join you in Lotto Magic plus have the opprtunity to play for free "and" earn a monthly commission check too. Again, if you know a few other lottery players or you have a web site, Facebook account, you tweet, can hand out flyers, mail the company produced postcards, or have the company mail direct mail marketing information for you (they have co-op mailings available) then you're set.

How much can you earn each and every month is dependent on whether you join as a Team Captain, Power Captain or Mega Captain and how many people join you. An example as a Power Captain is when you refer 10 other Power Captains you will receive a monthly commission check of $600. What if you got the word out and referred 20, 40 or 100 people over a period of time? For more information about Team, Power or Mega Captains to include the cost per month and all the benefits, please visit the company web site  then click on the "Membership Levels" tab at the top of the page.

Lotto Magic is not conducting a lottery, it's not an online lottery site, It's a benefits club where you're guaranteed 64 to 72 tickets monthly in the Florida and Powerball lotteries. The other benefits are discounts on numerous products and services online and offline, a free back office to track your lottery numbers and winnings, plus you get unlimited vacation coupons for 3-days and 2 night hotel stays in 90 popular resort destinations in North America.

This club has been in business since 1996 and has worldwide International members, it is an Internationally recognized Lottery Pooling Club not some fly by night operation.

Visit Florida Lotto Magic for details on Lottery pools and their home business opportunity.   Be sure to visit the Main Company web site for more information and details about pooling, memberships and cost. Questions? Drop me a line anytime.

More about Lotto Pools...

A lottery pool is a group of people buying lottery tickets together then splitting the winnings. You might already know the best way to increase your odds of winning is to purchase more tickets, we all know that but this costs more money. The solution then is to reduce costs while increasing the wins and that's what lotto pools do. Traditionally, lottery pools win the majority of the big jackpots because they have more buying power and can purchase more lottery tickets.

Case in point: One of the biggest Powerball jackpots ever won (over $300 million) was won by a group of people at the ConAgra food plant that formed a lotto pool together. However, lottery pools do have a downside. As you add people to the pool, lottery odds shoot up dramatically (since you would be playing on more tickets) but, your potential winnings decrease in proportion to the size of the pool.

Lotto Magic changes all of that with a pooling system that lets you grow a pool as large as you want without having to suffer a decreasing payout as the pool grows.

Our Player level of memberships offer a fixed pool of 64 tickets per month. This pool pays you 10% of any winning proceeds and may be ideal if you simply want to play the Florida Lotto and/or Powerball from anywhere in the world without having to do any work or purchase any tickets.

Lotto Magic’s Captain memberships let you start your own lottery pool that is unlimited in size. Should your own tickets win anything, you are paid 50% of the proceeds. Should any other tickets you are playing on win anything, you get 10% of the proceeds regardless of how big the pool grows - your personal lottery pool can be unlimited in size... 10 people, 100 people, 1,000 people, or tens of thousands of people, it doesn't matter.

Why Lotto Magic As A Home Based Business?

Lotto Magic is a referral-type of home-based business as mentioned earlier and you may be familiar with referral types of home-based businesses because they are some of the the most popular ways to "get the word out" about a company's product or service today. They're also called network marketing or the more familiar "MLM".

Unlike any other type of home based business available, Lotto Magic offers you the only product or service in the industry that can actually make you rich even if you never refer a single customer or your “product” sits on the shelf and collects dust!

Not only that, "everyone" is familiar with the lottery.

Lotto Magic has a free "Winning the Lottery" e-book for you at the bottom of this page!  There are no exotic products for you to explain, it's the lottery!

Lotto Magic has a free "Winning the Lottery" e-book for you at the bottom of this page!  The compensation plan is straight-forward with zero requirements to get paid (no qualification gates)

Lotto Magic has a free "Winning the Lottery" e-book for you at the bottom of this page!  Plus, we also offer you tools and systems that do all of the presentation work for you. You do not need to explain this to anyone. If they can read, they can join you.

Most people see businesses like this and are reluctant to join because they feel they don't know anyone worthy of presenting the plan to. This is a valid concern, but the Florida Lotto Magic company itself has taken the guesswork out of recruiting and have several ways to target new people that want to join you on your team and in your downline. Once you join as a Captain, you will receive a 70+ page book that discusses several systems available. It’s jam-packed with information being sold for hundreds to thousands of dollars to people in our industry, but as a Lotto Magic member you get it FREE when you join! Regardless of how much time or money you have to put into promoting your business, there’s something in there for everyone!

You will also instantly have a self-replicating website just like this one that you can send our prospects to. They can watch the video, learn all about Lotto Magic, and enroll under you immediately.

After one month of membership in Lotto Magic I had over 120 free tickets each month in the Florida Lottery plus my residual commissions covered my monthly fee!... Joe Reinbold

The Cost to Join Lotto Magic is:

 Lotto Magic Team Player membership is $25 per month.
Lotto Magic Power Player Membership is $60 per month.
Lotto Magic Mega Player Lotto Magic Mega Player Membership is $120 per month.
Lotto Magic Team Captain Membership is $50 per month and can be offset by referring just two Team Captains! Do this and play the Florida Lotto FOR FREE!
Lotto Magic Power Captain Membership is $120 per month and can be offset by referring just two Power Captains! Do this and play in the Florida "and" Powerball lotteries FOR FREE!
Lotto Magic Mega Captain Lotto Magic Mega Captain Membership is $240 per month and can be offset by referring just two Mega Captains! Do this and play in the Florida, Powerball, Mega Millions "and" Mega Money lotteries FOR FREE!
Note: Want to know more about what a lotto pool is?  Visit Lotto Magic 101
P.S. You can learn even more about the Lotto Magic membership levels and cost at the Lotto Magic Company Website

There's even more on the Lotto Magic compensation plan page!

I think you'll be extremely impressed with LOTTO MAGIC!  They have members in all 50 states and many dozens of countries worldwide.  There are members from the UK, Canada, West Africa, Sweden, Israel, Denmark, Australia, Philippines, Ireland, Switzerland and many more.

These are Real Results, From Real Lotto Magic Members.....

Alice P. had a recent monthly check for $5,492.  She has been with Lotto Magic for less than 2 years and earned $37,700.15 with this in just the past 12 months, a total of $42,679.80 in 20 months! Alice  is 67 years old and says she didn't even budge from her chair!

Ralph G. received a recent Lotto Magic monthly check for $2,354.

George S. earned $7,149 in his first 8 months with Lotto Magic, he's in his 80's and also won $500 in the recruiting contest in 2005 for bringing in the most new Lotto Magic members within 3 months!

Richard K. earned $10,995 in his first 10 months, he also won first-place $1,000 in the 2006 Lotto Magic recruiting contest!

More Lotto Magic testimonials or you can read why current members decided to join.

Even if you're not interested in lottery, you can earn a paycheck every month.  Lots of people are doing great with this and as a Mega Captain you can earn up to $120 per month (every month) for each Mega Captain that joins you.

Every week, more than 200,000 people win in the Florida Lottery. In the past few years, the average jackpot has been around $20,000,000 and the biggest jackpot was over $100,000,000.  The Florida Lottery contributes one billion dollars yearly to public education, the future of young people is the real product here! The Powerball lottery has paid out billions of dollars over the years! You've already seen the headlines, read the winners stories, and seen how even a small win of a few hundred thousands changes lives forever.

You should also know that besides the great marketing materials and training available to you FREE at the main Lotto Magic, we here at the "Lotto Magic Team" provide you with additional Lotto Magic marketing materials which are already "proven" as very effective, and of course which are 100% free to you and everyone in your team and in their team too... to infinity.

Besides what we do for you after you join our team here, we also place free ads as part of our team marketing campaign. Plus you receive a 100% free mini team marketing site, no cost, no charge and yours forever. We've also created some powerful (and free) marketing materials for use strictly offline. Most of our team members use these materials for print media classified ads, display advertising in mail-order, MLM or network marketing newspapers and magazines.

A screen shot of some of the free Lotto Magic Team marketing tools available to you:

FREE Florida Lotto Magic Team custom and personalized marketing materials to boost the growth of your Lotto Magic down line team!

As soon as you join the team and show up in the online team genealogy and your in the team URL rotator drop me a line and I'll shoot you the free Lotto Magic marketing materials link to you so you can easily download all of it fast and easy - ready for your immediate use!

Our team here is not just about you joining our team and then being left to fend for yourself. I mention it elsewhere on this team site however it's important enough that I'll say it again. It does you and members already on this team no good at all for you to join Lotto Magic, fail miserably, earn nothing for your efforts and then drop out.  If you're experienced in MLM and network marketing you already know that attrition (drop outs) is the real challenge, and people drop out when they do NOT make money.

I can't guarantee you an income, nobody can, but what I do is consistently generate interest and traffic to this team web site, and without sounding big-headed (I'm not) I do this very well. Feel free to see what direct traffic benefits you and your team receive through the free team online ads, offline ads, and if you'd like you can jump directly to the "real time" search engine results all of which directly benefit you and your future Lotto Magic team.

If you have any questions feel free to email me anytime.

Hi I'm Whitney, Team Leader for The Lotto Magic Team - Welcome! Be sure to visit me at Google Plus today! Sincerely,
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P.S.  If you miss out on Lotto Magic... then you've missed the biggest opportunity of the year. I look forward to welcoming you to the team and sending fresh and free traffic to your Lotto Magic website! Join the Lotto Magic Team today and secure your position on a very successful team!


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